Invest in your health and generate passive income with Aroma Networks!

A different kind of investment opportunity!
With Aroma Networks you can invest in your health. And the best thing: You have the chance to generate passive income! In addition to simply let money work for you, you also get top products from doTERRA for your health: high quality nutritional supplements and essential oils

Network effect: Exponential Growth

Harness the natural growth of the network combined with your own growth turbo - benefit from the power of the network and experience exponential growth of your structure (the more people are added to your structure, the more passive income you can generate). You can speed things up by recommending the investment opportunity to other people using the Aroma Networks referral system.

With 3 people in your structure you can already earn about 25% of your investment back in commissions. With 12 people in your structure you already earn about 100% of your investment back in commissions.

Good things take time

Important statement when you intend to invest with Aroma Networks is: "Good things take time"! It's a long-term investment: the longer you participate, the greater your chances of making a profit. Give yourself a year and invest in your health. The total investment is around €2.700 per year. No wealth is created overnight.

Investment on autopilot

Aroma Networks recommends the health products from doTERRA. We'll explain how you can set your monthly investment on autopilot using the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) from doTERRA: a monthly investment in your health and passive income.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Order a starter kit and activate autopilot: Choose and order your starter kit below (if you were referred to Aroma Networks fill in the form below first). Then set up your monthly loyalty reward program order (can be changed monthly: this is explained in the Aroma Networks portal -> login will be provided after your initial order).