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Version from 04.09.2023

1.        General

All services provided by Aroma Networks for the customer are exclusively based on the following general terms and conditions ("GTC"). Deviating regulations are only valid if they have been agreed in writing between Aroma Networks and the customer.

2.        Conclusion of contract

Only persons who have reached the age of 18, who do not already have a dōTERRA account and who are not of limited legal capacity at the time of the conclusion of the contract are entitled to enter into a contract with Aroma Networks.

Aroma Networks' Internet offerings are a non-binding offer to customers to order a dōTERRA Starter Kit on Aroma Networks' website.

By ordering the starter set on the Aroma Networks website on the Internet (by clicking on the “Buy dōTERRA Starter Kit” or “Buy dōTERRA Together Starter Set” button), the customer makes an implied, binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. Please note that after we have received the customer's order, he will be sent a separate confirmation of receipt of his order. Such a confirmation does not constitute acceptance of the offer. Aroma Networks is entitled to accept orders, even in part, or to reject them without giving reasons. We are bound to our offer for 30 days from the date of issue.

Aroma Networks has the right to accept this offer within 30 calendar days by sending an order confirmation. Our acceptance only takes place with the creation of the dōTERRA account (including the order of the selected starter set) of the customer (which is confirmed by dōTERRA via email). The order confirmation is sent by e-mail at the latest upon delivery of the goods. After the 30-day period has expired without a response, the offer is deemed to have been rejected.

3.        Delivery times

Aroma Networks will create a dōTERRA account for the customer within 30 days of the customer placing the order with Aroma Networks using the information provided by the customer and arrange for the order of the dōTERRA Starter Kit (by direct debit to the IBAN you provided).

The dōTERRA Starter Kit will be ordered from dōTERRA immediately upon creation of the dōTERRA account for the customer, subject to availability and only while supplies last.

The delivery will be made to the delivery address given by the client. Any additional costs caused by the customer providing an incorrect delivery address must be borne by the customer. The delivery time is usually 5 working days after receipt of the money (transfer) to dōTERRA. The indication of the delivery time is non-binding, unless there is a different written agreement.

If the starter set is not available at short notice, we will inform you by e-mail about the expected delivery time or about an alternative offer, provided we have an address from you.

In the event of delays in delivery, such as force majeure, traffic disruptions and orders from higher authorities as well as other events for which Aroma Networks is not responsible, no claims for damages can be asserted against Aroma Networks.

If the delivery is delayed and omitted (impossibility) due to the fault of sub-suppliers, Aroma Networks is not responsible for this.

4.        Packing and Shipping

4.1       For delivery within Austria and packaging costs, dōTERRA charges a prorated flat rate of 8.40 EUR, regardless of the number and weight of the items. Shipping costs for other countries may vary.

4.2       Our contractual partner bears the delivery costs. Refer to dōTERRA guidelines for risk of transportation.

5.        Prices and Payment

5.1       The prices given for the dōTERRA starter sets are final prices, which include the statutory VAT of currently 20% in Austria. Check dōTERRA's online price lists for the applicable price in your country.

5.2       The final price includes the costs for packaging and shipping in Austria. Shipping costs for other countries may vary.

5.3       Due to the constant updating of the website, information provided at an earlier point in time regarding the price and quality of the goods is no longer valid. Errors and misprints are reserved.

5.4       The price quoted by dōTERRA (according to dōTERRA's price lists) at the time of the customer's quotation is decisive for invoicing.

5.5       The goods are paid for by direct debit to dōTERRA using the IBAN provided by the customer. Information about the order will be sent to the customer by dōTERRA after the order has been placed by Aroma Networks. Exceptions are only valid if agreed in writing between Aroma Networks and the customer.

6.        Retention of title

Since the contract of sale of the products is between the contractual partner and dōTERRA, the retention of title of dōTERRA applies. Aroma Networks does not ship nor own any merchandise.

7.        Warranty

Since the contract of sale of the products is between the contractual partner and dōTERRA, the warranty rules of dōTERRA apply.

8.         Right of withdrawal

Since the contract of sale of the products is between the contractual partner and dōTERRA, the rights of withdrawal according to the dōTERRA Policy apply.

9.        Data protection

The customer agrees that his personal data received by Aroma Networks in the context of the business relationship will be stored and processed electronically. It is pointed out that data determined in accordance with this provision are collected and processed exclusively for the purpose of providing the service, in particular for the purpose of order processing and accounting.

By entering into a purchase agreement for a dōTERRA Starter Kit, the Member understands that dōTERRA will process any personal information provided in such application as described in the dōTERRA Privacy Policy. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you have taken note of the privacy policy of Aroma Networks and dōTERRA, which is available at https://aromanetworks.com and https://www.dōTERRA.com/AT/de_AT/privacy-policy.

Aroma Networks does not share customer information with anyone other than dōTERRA.

The customer is obliged to inform us immediately of any changes to his residential or business address and contact details during the ongoing business relationship. If he fails to do so, declarations are also deemed to have been received if they are sent to the last address he gave.

10.      Copyright and trademark protection

Aroma Networks is a registered trademark. All photos, logos, texts, reports presented on the website www.aromanetworks.com, which are our own developments (i.e. Aroma Networks) or have been prepared by us, may not be copied or used in any other way without our consent. All rights reserved.

11.      Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The competent and locally competent court at Aroma Networks' registered office shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide disputes arising from and in connection with these General Terms and Conditions, including the question of the valid formation, existence or non-existence and any contestation of this contract.

Only Austrian law. The application of the provisions of the Austrian IPRG and other conflict of law rules as well as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (UN CISG) is excluded.

12.      Validity of the GTC

Changes and/or additions to these General Terms and Conditions - including deviating from the written form - must be in writing. These GTC supersede all prior and current agreements or understandings (both oral and written) between the parties.

With an order, the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of Aroma Networks. The invalidity of individual provisions of this cooperation agreement, for whatever reason, does not affect the validity of the other contractual provisions. Instead of the invalid provision, a provision that most closely corresponds to the purpose of the contract and the interests of the contracting parties shall apply.

13.      Commissions

Aroma Networks will not pay any benefits to the customer. Any commissions will be paid solely by dōTERRA. In order for dōTERRA to pay any Commissions earned (if any and eligible), the customer must complete and submit to dōTERRA the form https://media.dōTERRA.com/eu/en/forms/direct-deposit.pdf. The bank account must be in the country where your company is registered.

14.       Subsidiaries

Each subsidiary may enter into a purchase agreement, or Aroma Networks may create a doTERRA account for each such subsidiary. These conditions must be met in this context: The subsidiary must have a different VAT number and the doTERRA account of the subsidiary must be administered by another person. Because a person can only have one doTERRA account, even if they own one or more companies.

15.      Subscribe to the Aroma Networks newsletter

Customer authorizes Aroma Networks to communicate via the email address provided by Customer. The Customer agrees that Aroma Networks may send monthly newsletters to Customer. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time directly in the mail. Subscribing again or registering multiple employees for the newsletter is possible via the account page on the Aroma Networks website.

16.      Creating an online account with Aroma Networks

Upon ordering, an Aroma Networks account will be created with the information provided by the customer. After the check, this account will be activated for the customer and the login data will be sent to the customer. In this account, the customer has access to additional functionalities of Aroma Networks.

17.      Website

We are not liable for the uninterrupted functioning of the website. We are entitled at any time, without prior notice, to carry out work on the website that involves a shutdown/interruption. We are also not obliged to provide a certain server capacity, so that overloads and longer response times must be expected.

18.      Successors and Claims

All rights and obligations resulting from the present contractual relationship are transferred to the individual legal successors of Aroma Networks in accordance with § 38 Para. 1 UGB, without the cooperation partner having to be informed separately about this transfer of rights. The contractual partner hereby waives his right of objection within the meaning of Section 38 (2) UGB. Claims that arise after the company transfer can only be asserted against the company acquirer.

19.      Unilateral Change in Benefits

The customer must tolerate objectively justified and appropriate changes to the services of Aroma Networks.

20.      Liability

Aroma Networks is not liable for lost commissions or commissions, lost profits or other financial losses. Aroma Networks is not responsible for the uninterrupted operation of the website. Aroma Networks may, at any time, without notice, perform any work on the www.aromanetworks.com website that may result in a shutdown/interruption. Aroma Networks is not obligated to provide a specific server capacity, so overloads and longer response times must be expected.

Aroma Networks is not liable for damage of any kind caused by data loss on the servers, subject to conflicting mandatory statutory regulations, except in the case of grossly negligent or intentional fault on the part of Aroma Networks.

For the avoidance of doubt, Aroma Networks is not responsible for misuse of dōTERRA products or for any physical harm or health problems that may result from the use of essential oils. Any claim should be made exclusively to dōTERRA Global Limited.

21.      Miscellaneous

There are no ancillary agreements to this agreement. Any change must be in writing. Any amendment to the written form requirement must also be in writing.

Aroma Networks is in no way affiliated with dōTERRA. However, we offer companies the opportunity to join our network and easily take advantage of dōTERRA products and business opportunities for their business. By joining Aroma Networks, you give Aroma Networks consent to create a dōTERRA account for you in order to secure you a place on our network. To create the dōTERRA account, you agree to order the starter kit (see price list). To create the dōTERRA account for you, you agree to the dōTERRA Policy Manual for your specific country, for example https://www.dōTERRA.com/US/en/policy-manual (for USA) or https://www.dōTERRA.com/DE/de_DE/policy-manual (for Germany) or https://www.dōTERRA.com/AT/de_AT/policy-manual (for Austria).

In addition, you agree to the terms and conditions of the dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Agreement or Wholesale Customer Agreement.

I have read the terms and conditions and agree in full.

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