Discover the power of pure essential oils

Transform your working environment

Increase focus & concentration. Uplift the spirits of your employees, your customers. Discover how to enhance your day to day work and create a harmonious working environment with essential oils. 

What essential oils can do for you

Regardless of whether you work in an office, whether you are a masseur, doctor, solopreneur or work as a coach. Essential oils can support you, your employees and your customers in your everyday work. Essential oils can ...

  • ... support to be energetic, balanced and upbeat.[1] 
  • ... help increase focus and concentration.[2] 
  • ... create an invigorating working environment. 
  • ... modulate cognitive performance and mood.[3][4][5]
  • ... affect sleepiness and alertness.[6][7]
  • ... have a positive effect on stress.[8][9]
  • ... improve the learning and memory ability.[10][11][12]

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Who can benefit from it?

No matter what working environment your are in, Aroma Networks believes that every company can profit from the power of pure essential oils from doTERRA. 

Office Environments

Essential oils can increase focus, mood and general wellbeing in your office! Moreover they can have a positive effect on stressful situations in the office. 

Solopreneurs & Homeoffice

Also in the home-office you can be supported by essential oils to perform at your best! doTERRA also offers a series of potent supplements, which are enhanced with essential oils, that can enhance your well-being and personal performance! 

Hair salons, cosmetic & manicure studios

Envigorate your salon and indulge your clients with lovely fragrances and refreshing drinks! Serve 1-2 drops of citrus oils with their drinks. Stand out from the rest and offer a very unique experience for your customers! 

Massage studios

Use the power of nature and the purity of the products for your daily work! The natural massage and aroma oils and products from doTERRA will make a difference for your clients!

Hotels, landlords & event/seminar locations

Bring a fresh scent into your hotel's lobby. Improve the concentration during workshops. Offer your guests essential oils on their rooms to have an even better night's sleep. 

Medical offices & therapists

Essential oils can help to calm down & relax and some oils can have an antibacterial effect. Eliviate nervousness and enhance mood for patients by diffusing in the waiting areas! Reduced stress, happier patients!

Yoga & fitness studios

Create a balancing and/or motivating environment! Transform your studio into a special place for your customers and offer a pleasant timeout!


Fragrance marketing for your store - stand out from your competition! Natural fragrances uplift your customers and help them remember your store!

Professional athletes

Relax and recover your muscles after your training with doTERRA's Deep Blue Rub and Stick! Use doTERRA's supplements to enhance your performance!

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Your introductory kit

The doTERRA together kit is the perfect start for you, your company and your employees to invigorate your working environment.This kit provides the most cherrished oils and oil blends to invograte, uplift or balance your working environment. The wooden box is a great way to deploy the oils within your office.

Never compromise on quality!

See why when joining Aroma Networks you will receive the best quality essential oils you can find on the the planet. Aroma Networks and its members trust in doTERRA's quality. Come join us and experience the power of pure essential oils for yourself, your employees and customers!

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What's in for you when joining Aroma Networks?

Improve employee's and customer's wellbeing

Use the power of nature to support focus, concentration, mood and general wellbeing.

Increase employee and customer satisfaction

Make a difference by genuinly caring about your employees and customers. Secure the best workforce for your company.

Additional income stream

Use the power of the network to generate an additional income stream for you and/or your company. 

Invest with Aroma Networks today

A different kind of investment opportunity! With Aroma Networks you can invest in your health. And the best thing: You have the chance to generate passive income! In addition to simply let money work for you, you also get top products from doTERRA for your health: high quality nutritional supplements and essential oils

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Continuous Learning

We make sure you make best use of your essential oils in your working environment. Our growing video library, customer support and monthly events help you leverage the power of nature and help you teach your employees how to benefit from the oils. 

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Join Aroma Networks membership and grow your income with affiliate links! Show other companies how great Aroma Networks is and send them your affiliate link. Companies signing up to Aroma Networks with your affiliate link will be placed in your personal network. By doing this, you can grow an additional income stream even faster. Every solopreneur or company with at least one employee can profit from joining!

Participate in our donation program

Our donation program focuses on giving back. Aroma Networks has the ambition to donate for good causes all around the world. Come join our donation programs and get named on our webpage as an active donator!

Moreover you support local growers and distillers with every purchase of doTERRA products. Read about doTERRA's Co-Impact-Sourcing.

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